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What is a Product Return Reasons Report?

Cameron Smith

Returns are an inevitable part of the eCommerce business. Yet, understanding the reasons behind these returns is the key to making improvements in your business. In this article, we will explore one valuable insight that all Shopify store owners should understand – the Product Return Reasons Report. This report can significantly enhance your understanding of customer behavior, product issues, and provide a wealth of insight to propel business growth.

Understanding the Product Return Reasons Report

Breaking down the complex world of product returns requires understanding the values provided by the Product Return Reasons Report. A tool used to compile a comprehensive list of reasons that customers provide when returning their purchases, this report can really skew your business towards success.

Why do customers return products?

Identifying the reasons for customers’ returns is a step towards improving the customer experience. Are they unhappy with the product quality? Was the wrong item sent? Or was it just a case of buyer’s remorse? These answers lie in your Product Return Reasons Report.

What insights does the report provide?

The report can provide an intricate detail of customer preference, product quality, and even insights into your shipping and delivery process. When utilized correctly, it can help strategize product development, marketing approach, and customer service improvements.

Implementing the Product Return Reasons Report in your Shopify Store

While Shopify doesn’t directly generate a Product Return Reasons Report, you can create one through custom analytics fields and third-party applications. Understanding how to implement this critical tool into your Shopify store is necessary for informed decision-making.

Steps to creating a Product Return Reasons Report

  1. Utilize custom analytics fields: Here, you create custom fields in your product return form that enables customers to input their reason for returning the item.
  2. Use third-party applications: There are several Shopify apps, like Return Magic or AfterShip, which track and compile return reasons and even automate the return process. Remember, using this report effectively means regularly reviewing the data and implementing solutions from the insights found.

Importance of the Product Return Reasons Report in your Shopify Store

Understanding the significance of this report for your Shopify store can be a real game-changer. Let’s delve into why this report is a must-have tool.

Bolstering Customer Service

Identifying patterns in your product return reasons can lead to significant improvements in customer service. For instance, high numbers of returns due to ‘Inaccurate Product Description’ can jolt you into revising your product descriptions or photography.

Product Development Strategies

If ‘Poor Quality’ is constantly appearing as a return reason, it’s a clear sign you need to reconsider your product sourcing or manufacturing process. This aids in the development of higher-quality products to enhance customer satisfaction.

Revision of Shipping and Delivery Procedures

Frequent ‘Item arrived damaged’ cases indicate an issue with your shipping or handling process. Thus, you can work towards improving packaging methods or even reconsidering your shipping service provider.

Interpreting the Product Return Reasons Report

The Product Return Reasons Report is not just data; it’s a narrative of your business proceedings. It’s vital to comprehend and use this report effectively.

Analyzing patterns

Spotting patterns is crucial. Noticing a sudden spike in ‘Ordered by Mistake’ returns after a significant discount season could mean customers tend to bulk buy in sales without a comprehensive consideration process.

Implementing Changes

After data interpretation, it’s essential to swiftly yet carefully implement changes. Address the issues uncovered through measures such as revising product listings, providing detailed product descriptions, or enhancing after-sales services.


The Product Return Reasons Report, while seemingly simple, can provide rich insights to improve the various facets of your Shopify business. Ensuring accurate implementation and strategic use of this handy tool can lead to more satisfied customers, lower return rates, and ultimately, a more successful Shopify store.

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